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Research and analysis

Read about our efforts to map, synthesize and develop the best current knowledge on extremism and prevention.

Knowledge synthesis on extremism and prevention

In 2017-18 the Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism commissioned the mapping of current best knowledge on extremism and prevention of extremism.  More than 1.700 publications were screened and 65 of them were selected and synthezised into a solid knowledge base. The first part synthesizes knowledge on extremism and the individuals’ pathways into and out of extremism. This includes knowledge on the role of factors on societal, group and individual level. The other part s synthesizes knowledge on prevention of extremism, including measures targeting the individual citizen, measures targeting the surroundings of the citizen and measures targeting professionals. At the same time the synthesis describes the character, relevance and strength of the available knowledge and it is thoroughly explained how knowledge has been selected and assessed.  

Read the English version of the knowledge synthesis here (pdf) (new window).

The main conclusions of the knowledge synthesis are summarized in two easily read pixies:

Read the pixi version of the knowledge synthesis on extremism here (pdf) (new window).

Read the pixi version of the knowledge synthesis on prevention of extremism (pdf) (new window).

Other knowledge publications

In order to add to an ever more comprehensive and up-dated landscape of knowledge, the Danish Centre for Prevention of Extremism also publishes research articles, knowledge summaries et cetera, mostly in Danish. However, a few of the centres publications are available in English:

Read the report Contextualizing Salafism and Salafi Jihadism (pdf) (new window).

last modified Jul 01, 2020